Building Relationships Over Time: Digging Into Our Third Annual Corn Hole Tournament at Lone Tree

Building Relationships Over Time: Digging Into Our Third Annual Corn Hole Tournament at Lone Tree

2015 was a whirlwind for Drink for Pink. We spent the first half of the year figuring out the research aspect of our charity as well as our non-profit status. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Anschutz, we were able to meet with Dr. Virginia Borges who gave us the push we needed to make Drink for Pink a reality.

As far as our non-profit status, we decided to table until 2016 by partnering with the Cancer League of Colorado, a wonderful local charity who share the same mission and vision we do. Once we knew where we wanted the money to go, it was time to start reaching out to breweries and hope somebody would give us a chance.

Enter Lone Tree Brewing Company (LTBC).

Through a bit of networking and cold emails, we were able to meet Christine who heads the charity division at LTBC. She is a fantastic person who immediately shared our passion; it was her dedication and creativity that kicked off one of our favorite annual events: The Lone Tree Corn Hole Tournament.

Since then, we have enjoyed a tremendous partnership with Lone Tree and can’t say enough good things about them. As a brewery, they always have something going besides delicious beer. From their Hop Zombie release, to weekly Brewery Bootcamps, check out their Facebook page and you will see something for every single day in the calendar.

We would be remiss to omit another huge influencer and positive factor in this relationship, Tasting Room Manager Emily Schofield. She is the steam behind all things DFP/LTBC, a tireless worker who helps us plan the Corn Hole tournament (this year we are expanding to 16 teams!) as well as other events in the past like a Beer + Chocolate pairing and a Drink for Pink Beer Dinner. In fact, just 48 hours before the beer pairing dinner at Lone Tree in 2016, our original chef backed out of the event. Emily ultimately saved the day by stepping up and finding a replacement! She also tagged along to our first ever Lab Tour for the 2015 recipient, picture proof here:

We raise a glass and thank LTBC and all of its wonderful employees for helping us make Drink for Pink a reality!

Jeremey DuVall


Jeremey DuVall is a co-founder of Drink for Pink and Happiness Engineer at Automattic. Offline, he is frequently getting lost in the mountains or in a good book.